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Saudi Arabian South African Holding

Based on the historical background of the two countries, and the urge to further integrate the two economies through the capitalization of synergies that would create productive bases; a special purpose vehicle was launched. The Saudi Arabian South African Holding Company is structured as a 50:50 joint venture company.

Abbreviated, SASAH, the company was established as a special purpose vehicle to enhance nosiness activities between the two consortiums from both countries. SASAH aims to be a blue chip investment company in the region; capitalizing on the strength of the Saudi Arabian and South African economies.

SASAH’s mission is to develop, engage and promote the integration of multi-business sectors in a bilateral manner between Saudi Arabia and South Africa. SASAH encourages other creative, and innovate means to promote business opportunities between both countries.

SASAH’s objectives are:

  • To improve and enhance the business relationship between Saudi Arabia and South Africa
  • To invest in profitable business ventures
  • To facilitate joint ventures between two countries
  • To promote the opportunities in both countries
  • To conduct comprehensive feasibility studies on potential strategic business opportunities
  • To streamline entry into both countries by addressing cultural and current trade barriers
  • To identify potential JV partners

Criteria for consortium members:

  • Open for all business entities in Saudi Arabia and South Africa agreeing to the SASAH objectives and JV equity pattern
  • A legally registered entity in respective countries
  • Fulfil the legal requirements of investment authorities and tax regimes of both countries
  • Financially sound entities.

SASAH’s initial areas of interest:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Mining, Mining Processing and Downstream Industries
  3. Petrochemical Downstream Industries