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Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision

The Council of Ministers session held on Monday Rajab 18, 1437 H corresponding to April 25, 2016 under the chairmanship of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salma was devoted to discuss the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which was drafted by the Council of Economic and Development Affairs (CEDA)’s Decree No. (3-31/37/E) dated Rajab 12, 1437 H including the Letter from HRH Deputy Crown Prince, Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Chairman of the CEDA No. 2719 dated Rajab 18, 1437 H concerning the draft Vision.

The Council of Ministers has concluded the following decree during its session:

(i) Endorsing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which was drafted by the Council of Economic and Development Affairs (CEDA)’s Decree No. (3-31/37/E) dated Rajab 12, 1437 H in its formulation accompanying this decree.

(ii) The Council of Economic and Development Affairs (CEDA) shall set forth the required mechanisms and arrangements to implement and follow up this Vision.

(iii) Ministries and other government agencies –each within its area of prescribed competency– shall take the required actions to implement the Vision according to the mechanisms and arrangements above-mentioned in (ii) of this decree.


  1. The heart of the Arab and Islamic worlds
  2. A global investment powerhouse
  3. A global hub connecting three continents, Asia, Europe and Africa

Successful visions are based on strong pillars. The three pillars represent Saudi Arabia’s strengths, i.e. unique competitive advantages, and provide better opportunities for partnerships with the private sector. The Kingdom will improve the business environment, so that its economy grows and flourishes, driving healthier employment opportunities for citizens and long-term prosperity for all. This promise is built on cooperation and on mutual responsibility.


  1. A Vibrant Society,
  2. A Thriving Economy, and
  3. An Ambitious Nation.

These three themes are inextricably intertwined in order to achieve the Vision and in order to maximize the benefits of the pillars of the Vision.

This first theme focuses on the importance of building a vibrant society in which members live in accordance with the Islamic principle of moderation, enjoy a good life supported by an empowering social and health care system. The second theme focuses on creating a thriving economy that provides opportunities for all by building an education system aligned with market needs and creating economic opportunities for the entrepreneur, the small enterprise as well as the large corporation, develop investment tools to unlock our promising economic sectors, diversify the Saudi economy, create job opportunities, improve the business environment to leverage the unique strategic location. In order for the KSA to be an ambitious nation, the public sector and the government will lead changes to promote effectiveness, transparency, accountability and enabling high-performance. 


Click here to download the Saudi Arabia 2030 vision in PDF.